Acupuncture May Help Treat PTSD

With research being as progressive as it is, modern treatments for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) come in all shapes and sizes. Treatments range from individualized and specific to broad group settings.

What is being discovered, however, is that PTSD treatment methods involving veterans taking pills are not the most favored or effective. While usually used to treat physical pain, acupuncture is now being investigated as a possible treatment for PTSD.

With as many people as the military is responsible for treating under their plan and under the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), they have become the biggest advocate of alternative methods for treatment. The intricacy of some of the conditions soldiers and veterans face force the military to not  take a single, static approach towards treatment. This means the VA has become pro-active and flexible when it comes to treating the complex conditions they face.

PTSD is the most common of all mental health problems soldiers cycle back to civilian life with. There are approximately 16 programs in place or being developed across the military focusing on treatment for soldiers with PTSD.

The VA is actively studying PTSD treatments such as acupuncture that allow soldiers to remain in the military. While research has not definitively proven acupuncture is an effective PTSD treatment, it has been proven to be effective in many similar situations, e.g., for those suffering from depression.

The specifics of how acupuncture works is not something that is currently well understood. The needles’ placements are believed to stimulate the central nervous system. This, in turn, restores a person’s balance of health.

At this point, acupuncture is not a cure-all. All it can be used for at this point is a supplement to western medicine as it is understood. The more effective it is proven to be in the treatment of PTSD, the more likely it will be used more often.

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