3M Developing Better Helmet Technology for the U.S. Military

One of the biggest hazards of gunfire in combat zones is the splintering of bullets upon impact. Today’s military helmets provide some protection from blunt impact such as gunshots, but do not provide reduction of bullet splintering and subsequent injury from shrapnel. Bullet splintering occurs when the bullet breaks apart into smaller pieces of shrapnel. This can lead to more widespread damage and lost fragments that could stay imbedded in a soldier’s body for the rest of his or her life.

The U.S. military is hoping to change that through a $27 million order from 3M Company’s safety division for “enhanced combat helmets.”

The new helmets in development by 3M are making use of their recently acquired ceramics technology from Ceradyne Inc. The high-strength ceramic coating is being used to make a helmet that protects the soldier’s head from blunt impact, including gunshots, and is designed to reduce bullet fragmentation by 35 percent.

Military officials are praising 3M’s ability to enhance the helmet’s protection without adding extra weight. The new advanced helmets should weigh about the same as helmets currently in use.

DoD Looking for New Ways to Enhance Servicemember Safety

The Department of Defense is continuously looking for new and enhanced safety technology to help reduce servicemember injury and fatality rates and decrease the number of disabled veterans over time. Head injuries are among the most common types of combat injuries that can lead to disabling conditions such as TBI, cognitive disorders, and other neurological conditions.

By improving the safety gear worn by combat soldiers, the military hopes to reduce these injuries and in turn reduce the number of disabled veterans in the future.

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