2nd Annual DoD/VA Suicide Prevention Conference

The Department of Defense and Veteran Affairs are in the midst of the second annual joint conference to discuss suicide prevention amongst active military members and veterans.

The conference, which continues through Thursday, Jan. 14 in Washington, DC, includes more than 1,000 military and government healthcare employees. The intent of the collaborative conference is to address best practices and preventative measures when looking at the tragedy of soldier suicide.

Some important points to know about solider and veteran suicide include: 

  • Of the more than 30,000 suicide victims in the U.S. each year, veterans represent 20% of suicide deaths
  • It is estimated that 18 veterans commit suicide each day 

Special problems that can result from time spent in the military (especially in cases of combat time), may leave soldiers and veterans prone to suicide. Such complications can include: 

  • Depression
  • Disability
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Painful and persistent injuries 

In consideration of the service that active military and veterans have provided to their country, these men and women deserve access to continuous suicide prevention services and support. The conference seeks to establish methods to effectively recognize and prevent such tragedies.

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