12% Decrease in Homeless Veterans

According to an article in Stars and Stripes, there are fewer homeless veterans than there were last year. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) recently issued a report claiming that there are 12% fewer homeless veterans across the nation.

VA Sec. Eric Shinseki and HUD Sec. Shaun Donovan both referred to this as a trend and praised President Obama’s effort to end homelessness among U.S. veterans in the near future. The results came from the “point-in-time” count, which occurs every year. The count last year was 76,329, whereas only 67,495 were counted this year.

A deeper look into the numbers shows that there were more homeless veterans not living in shelters no longer on the streets. The study shows there were 17% fewer veterans regularly sleeping in public places, such as streets, as compared to veterans who considered homeless living in shelters.

Sec. Donovan attributed much of the change to a shift in focus on the government’s end. Taking a more pro-active approach to preventing homelessness before veterans become homeless seems to be producing better results than attempting to fix the problem once it has already happened.

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