11-Year-Old Thanks 180,000 Soldiers With Hand-Crafted Cards

A couple of years ago, Stephen Goodman took it upon himself to write and hand-deliver more than 200 thank you cards to U.S. veterans recovering from injuries in his local Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) hospital. The response he got from the veterans was so positive, that he soon wanted to thank every deployed soldier for their service, according to an article in Top Secret Writers.

It took Stephen 2 years to do it, but he was able to write a thank you card to the 180,000 deployed soldiers. He started out writing individual hand-decorated cards with personal messages in them. One at a time he plugged away and, with the help of his family, soon 15,000 cards were completed.

Eventually word of Stephen’s efforts got out, and Kodak decided to help with the effort. Kodak worked with Stephen to create 2 card templates and eventually donated more than 100,000 copies to his cause. On December 16th, Stephen and his family delivered 180,000 cards to Luke Air Force Base to be sent out to the deployed soldiers.

Stephen’s grandfather is a Vietnam veteran, and like most other Vietnam veterans, he did not receive a warm welcome upon his return to this country from that war. Stephen was determined not to let any soldier feel what his grandfather felt upon their return from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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