10 Ways to Honor Veterans

You don’t have to wait until next year’s Veterans Day to honor the brave men and women who fought for our freedom in American wars. Here are 10 ideas to inspire you to go out and thank the veterans who have kept our country safe over the years!

1. Visit your local VA hospital or clinic. Many veterans are in the hospital for lengthy treatment and may appreciate a new face and someone to chat with.

2. Help veterans connect with their lost servicemembers. Veterans who have lost a fellow servicemember may appreciate help visiting their gravesite and cleaning up their memorial with a fresh flag.

3. Volunteer at a VA center. VA centers offer many resources to veterans including social events, help with disability claims, and other services – they can always use an extra pair of hands!

4. Give military discounts at your business. If you’re a business owner, consider offering special discounts or services to military veterans and their families.

5. Patronize veteran-owned businesses. Veterans can get special grants to start their own businesses and there may be several that have set up shop right in your backyard!

6. Buy products that support veterans organizations. There are several products on store shelves that display the Wounded Warrior Project logo. Look for the logo on packs of goods such as Brawny Paper Towels, Heinz Ketchup, and even on the stores themselves like Food Lion.

7. Help organize military holiday events. Veterans Day, Memorial Day, and all the branch-specific holidays are a great time to get involved with your local community of veterans.

8. Pay for a veteran’s meal. While dining out you may spot a veteran wearing identifying clothing such as hats and shirts indicating military service. If you’re paying a tab at your local coffee house or diner, offer to pick up their meal as well.

9. Give up your seat for a veteran. Whether you’re on public transportation or got a good seat at the game, it’s a nice gesture to offer your seat to a vet in thanks for their service.

10. Hire more veterans. Businesses may receive incentives to hire veterans. The skills acquired in military service may easily translate to private industries. What’s more, veterans are often disciplined and dedicated employees!

It doesn’t have to be Veterans Day or any other patriotic holiday to show your support to our veterans. Any gesture, no matter how small, serves as an example of how we should treat our military members every day for the selfless duties they performed or currently perform.

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